For the agriculture, the Fuelbox dispensing system is a modern, cost-effective and mobile solution for in-house diesel dispensing and intake. It is a compact, self-service terminal of the new generation that is integrated directly into the tank.



The system is fully automatic allowing for the real-time online control over individual fueling in the RMC application thus eliminating the need for physical supervision every time you refuel.

The RMC web application provides tracking of fueling records with subsequent export options for further processing.

The system records fueling from the registered user to the identifiable machine tank.

The system registers the user and the machine either via the RFID chip or card or by using the code entered on the keyboard.

The dispensing system is capable of managing up to 500 users and machines.

The huge advantage is that for machines equipped with CAP04 capacitive probe and RMC remote monitoring, the recorded amount of dispensed fuel can be compared to the fuel delivered to the tank of a particular machine via the RMC web application.

With the Fuelbox system, you get a complete overview of the fuel intake, dispensing, tank fuel, diesel temperature, activated alarms, etc.


There is no need to install any software. All data is available through the RMC web interface, which allows for complete user and machine management.

There are various optional output assemblies (such as a drawdowns record for a given period) that can be viewed, printed or exported for further processing.

In this way you get several advantages:

  • The system prevents fuel abuse
  • Checking the equipment location – protection against thefts thanks to GPS/GPRS modules
  • Significantly lower administrative costs
  • Quick and immediate overview over the fuel movements in the company
  • Customized solution for your company
  • Technical support.