Představuje moderní a úsporné řešení pro interní výdej nafty u malých a středně velkých společností. Jedná se o samoobslužný terminál, který je integrován přímo na výdejní stojan (nádrž) a plní současně jeho funkci. V případě zájmu dodáváme i nádrže TruckMaster a FuelMaster o objemu 200 až 9 000 l.

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Matching Diesel fuel receiving and dispensing

Records and identification of persons, vehicles and machines using contactless chips or numeric keypads.

Easy and safe operation

The Fuelbox features a large LCD display with refuelling information (date, time, refill quantity in litres).

Dispensing under online control

The Fuelbox is equipped with a GSM module for transmission of oil receiving and dispensing data into the RMC web application.

Professional maintenance and consulting

The Fuelbox is also applicable to delivery tanks. After programming, the system is able to control, for example, discharge valves and the dispensing hose reels.


Fuelbox process scheme

The Fuelbox sends recorded fuelling to the server where the data is evaluated by the RMC web application to the end user.



  • At the end of refuelling, the terminal prints a refuelling receipt.
  • Use of one or two level gauges (CAP04 capacitive probe with Teflon lining) with setting the resulting volume as the sum or average of both data (litre, % of the tank filling).
  • Indicates oil leakage signalled through an alarm.
  • Fuelbox is supported by a backup battery. In an event of power disconnection, it sends a request for assistance to RMC and via SMS to mobile phones for 10 hours.
  • The request for help is also sent in a case of an unreasonable drop in diesel oil level in the tank and also in case of an unauthorized change of its location.